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Reflexology for Menopause

An Holistic bespoke Reflexology treatment based on your individual symptoms and needs. 

Meditating on hillside

The Menopause Journey

The Peri/menopausal years can be hugely challenging, stressful and life changing. You can be left feeling very isolated and physically unwell.

It is a huge period of change and growth and essential that you have the right support.

I have trained in Reflexology for Menopause and am so passionate about supporting women through this period in their lives, which ultimately can be a positive time for change.

How can Reflexology help you..

  • Promotes sleep

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Reduces stress/anxiety

  • Reduces vasomotor symptoms

Menopause support

Individual symptom assessment

Lifestyle assessment and areas to focus on

A down-loadable client booklet for Reflexology and 5 pillars for healthy menopause

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