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Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD

Reflexology lymph drainage is a treatment that focuses on the lymphatic reflexes of the feet. The treatment aims to stimulate the function of the lymphatic system and drain excess lymph fluid from the damaged area. I am trained and have qualified in RLD and use this regularly in my Reflexology treatments.

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Lymphoedema following cancer treatment

Many people experience lymphodema (swelling of a limb) following surgery or radiotherapy to the axillary nodes, as part of cancer treatment. This can result in emotional and psychological problems in addition to the physical swelling. RLD can help in the management of lymphodema by helping lymph fluid move around the body thus reducing swelling.

RLD for auto immune conditions

RLD can often help with auto immune conditions, for example; Rheumatoid arthritis , Fibromyaligia, ME and Eczema. It helps stimulate lymph drainage and reduce the body's inflammatory process.

How RLD can help

Reflexology Lymphatic drainage is a calm, relaxing reflexology treatment given to you while resting in the reclining reflexology chair. After a full consultation and assessment of the the lymphodema, the reflexology treatment is then given to both feet. Weekly treatments are advised initially to help with the reduction and management of the lymphodema.


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